my practice is strongly influenced by science exploring notions of identity and individuality through repetition, often juxtaposing microcosm and macrocosm as though adjusting the lens of a microscope.


I seek to challenge people's preconceptions and definitions of painting and drawing through multiple approaches - the use of unconventional materials, liberating them from the two dimensional sheet into the three dimensional sphere, and creating the illusion of the work being alive, belonging to the space, growing into it; so that Punctum positioned in a discreet corner, is happened upon almost as though it were a spider web.

Much of my art is preoccupied with dots which I feel embody something particular to me. Hidden or transformed, this adopted symbol, perfect in its ability to avoid any fixed reference - is always there; in oil paintings Sperm and Ovulation they are captured in motion whilst in Oculto they lie buried deep under the glossy surface of eliminated brushstrokes.

I am attracted by the everyday made beautiful. In Needle, toilet paper is transformed, imbued with a lace-like quality, and in Bula Matari humble table salt becomes an ethereal world of stalactites and stalagmites.

My fascination with the infinitesimal world within a world surrounding us, invisible to the naked eye, has given rise to my recurring reference to atoms, the very building blocks of life.

Ultimately, my art aims to evoke uncertainty. By revealing a part, but not the whole, it provokes a dialogue within the onlooker that both acts through and tests the intrinsic meaning of perception itself.